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The only drawback to this model is that the perch is transparent acrylic as well. Birds are sometimes confused about where to perch because they couldn’t see the landing rod. I’m an early-30s birder living in a small house with a beautiful wife, two kids, and a large beautiful garden in Camp Verde, Arizona. If you have a backyard planted with flowers and plants, then attracting birds should not be a problem. However, if you don’t have one, it might be a little struggle to invite them in. Once you are settled on the kind of bird, you need to work on how much is the capacity needed to feed the bird.

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  • If you’ve ever wanted to get a closer look at birds feeding in your garden, its possible to entice them to the window using a hanging bird feeder.
  • Overall, while making our window bird feeder reviews we’ve determined that generally, it’s better to choose a medium, or larger model.
  • Especially when you’ve noticed an increase in colorful, feathered friends making an appearance.
  • If birds still don’t come, you may need more bird-friendly plants in your landscaping.
  • I bought this as I live on 3rd floor of a block of flats but wanted to help feed the little birds who perched in some nearby trees but were often overshadowed by crows.
  • In addition, the seed tray slides easily which makes reloading it very convenient.

It’s easy to take the top off (it’s attached via a hinge), clean, and then refill with nectar. The tray insert grills has a divider in the middle, which makes it easy to offer different types of food without mixing them. Typically, I put sunflower kernels on one side and peanut pieces on the other. There is no plastic blocking my view of the birds from inside.

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Just make sure that you follow these tips carefully and it will be an easy task. Bird Feeder PlansEnjoy homemade bird feeder plans that other site visitors have shared. And please feel invited to share your plans with everyone with photos too if you have them.

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Add Plants to your Backyard – Birds mostly feel attracted to colorful plants and trees. If you do not have them in your backyard, consider installing some plants and flowers. The appealing aesthetics of green leaves and colorful flowers will attract birds to your place.

How Do You Squirrel Proof A Feeder?

A rugged, squirrel-proof feeder with an impressive lifetime warranty. Has a cardinal perch, 6 ports, and capacity for more than 5 lbs. Hang your squirrel-proof feeder from a long pole near trees, but far enough away from any low hanging branches to take away the squirrels vantage point. Consider scaring squirrels away with items such as motion-detecting sprinklers, garden spinners, and pinwheels or anything that makes a noise.

The feeder also features a ventilation system, easy assembly, and components made from a type of epoxy resin called RoxResin to prevent damage from chewing. Designed for all types of birdseed for a variety of birds, this feeder is affordable, making it the best bang for the buck. With their ability to jump and strong teeth for gnawing, squirrels can be persistent. Regardless of your feelings on that matter, the best bird feeders for small birds will provide hours of enjoyment for nature lovers. Producing beautiful songs, cardinals are attracted to a wide variety of seeds in any type of feeder. One of the more aggressive birds, they tend to get excited at their own window reflection.

Having a water source nearby will help attract birds to your yard. Here are the top 5 frequently asked questions about bird feeders. These feeders should be placed in the shade to keep the nectar from going bad. Place them near a large window or close to your garden to take advantage of the perfect opportunities to watch and photograph the hummingbirds. You’ve seen the 7 bird feeders we feature here but how do you narrow it down? The following buying guide shows you what bird feeders are out there.

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To do this I attached the support spacers to the support bars using an exterior rated glue. To hang my feeder I chose to use some simple screw eyes installed into the top of the support bars. I pre-drilled the holes for the screw eyes to ensure I didn’t split the wood. To finish my windows bird feeder I attached the support bars to the feeder using an exterior rated glue and screws. I placed the bars inset from the sides about .75″ and about .25″ inset from the top.

If you ever find a bird egg, here’s what you should do with it. Swing top bottles are pretty cool looking and make a great sound when you open a bottle. They really look good in the backyard when paired with a serving dish like this. Hand this bird feeding station idea from a hook or tree, and let the colored glass shine.